The biography of Benjamin Franklin

booksThe Compleated Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin

by Benjamin Franklin
Narrator Richard Ferrone

Duration : 13:48:44
Parts : 11
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The biography of Benjamin Franklin is fascinating! At the beginning, I chose this book just out of curiosity and with the intention to learn something about the history of the US, but without any expectations.

The narrator, Richard Ferrone, is excellent, it's as though Franklin was reciting his own history. The book talks about the history of the American independence and the negotiations with France to finance this war.

There are some sections about scientific experiments and also about the romantic history of the author. At time it's very funny to get the vision of the author at that time in history.

The author said many times : "There was never a good war or a bad peace". Any negotiation is better than the war. It looks like his successors forgot this advice.

He also talked about power and money. In his conception of politics, these two elements should be separate. There's another thing that everybody forgot. We should be applying this principle. You make money or you work for your country, but not both, otherwise you're going to have a corrupt government.

There is a lot of wisdom in this book. Take as an example his last will. There weren't any doubts about what to do with his estate after his death.

This book is almost 14 hours long, enjoy it, it's worth it.

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