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TakeCommandLast February, I finished to listen to the audio book of Kelly Perdew, the winner of the second series of Donald Trump's reality show, "The Apprentice". The book, "Take Command", is a kind of guide to inspire business people to hire people that were in the army for jobs that require responsability and leadership. The authors say that the training in the army thought these people to become leaders, follow plans, become efficient and manage every situation in their personal and professional life.

To be honest, I thought about leaving this book several times. The author has a very high self-esteem, maybe too high. The only reason why I finished this book was because I was trained to listen to boring people at the university. Listening at an annoying course is like military training, no physically but mentally. Even more, we have to listen to the same boring person for the whole semester.

However, I always try to learn something even if the teacher or in this case, the author is extremely boring. On the positive side, the author is right when he says that we have to take responsability for our actions and we have to have a plan to succeed. We have to build a very solid business network if we want to make business. The dark side is that the book insists that the militaries are better thant the civil people.

Link at OverDrive : Take Command by Kelly Perdew

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