Somewhere between bored and frustrated

BoredLast week I've spent almost 18 hours listening to "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. I've read two others books from the same author "The Da Vinci Code" and "Inferno".

The first book was ok, nothing amazing but entertaining. The second book was very good, not for the context of the story but because of the locations and the art involved. However, this latest book is kind of a big dissapointment.

The principal character "Robert Langdon" has become a kind of idiot that doesn't do anything interesting in the story. Always trying to hide or dismiss information from the FBI, like if that could be possible.

The evil character is somewhere between an idiot and a superhuman interrogator that obtains all the information from everybody by torture or by deceiving means. Some aspects of his personality are totally impossible and totally illogical, like why is the character trying to kill his family ?

Let's try to analize this a little :
1. The son grabs his money and leaves behind the knowledge of the Free Masons.
2. The son is in prison for drugs.
3. The father tries to negociate his liberation, but refuses to pay money to the gardian
4. The son dies in prison and all his money dissapears (in a weekend, are you serious?)
5. The son in reality assumes another identity and forgets about his family
6. The son is watching tv and realizes that he's interested in Masonery and wants the secrets of his father.
7. The son kills his grandmother and is hurt by his father than doesn't recognize him.
8. The son becomes incredibly rich and powerful by doing something...
9. The son becomes a powerful Mason by obtaining superpowers, again his father doesn't recognize him.
10. The son kidnaps his father, cuts his hand and deceives Robert Langdon to cooperate with him.
11. The son kills many others persons, blah, blah, blah.
12. The son kidnaps Robert Langdon and his aunt and obtains the secret.
13. The son tries to become a God by forcing his father to kill him in a sacrifice (are you serious?)
14. The son dies and everybody is happy, not so fast tough: you have to endure another one hour and a half before the book ends.

So, you have this guy that is boosted by steroids, with tattos all around his body, that has makeup all around his body, everybody notices this weard person and he charms everybody?. The guy is incredibly rich but doesn't have any employees to help him with his diabolic plans, his business, his home, etc. and his ultimate objective is being sacrificed in a secret temple to become God?

Great, and the FBI is trying to stop him because he makes a video from the ceremonies of the Masons and some important people can be recognized in them. So, if these guys are so important, why doesn't anyone perform a security check for cameras in that building?

And the story goes on and on. Boring and without any logic. I wanted to give it three stars at first, but the author keeps the pleasure going on an hour and a half longer for no reason in particular. The evil character is dead, Robert Langdon is traumatized, Peter Solomon is also traumatized and hurt (his son cut his hand remember and he lost his son a second time) and his sister was in a critical condition (kidnaped, traumatized, lost half of her blood), these folks needed to go to the hospital not to the Capitole building to see the stars and dream about a better world of peace and love and Free Masons.

This book is very dissapointing. On a scale of 5 stars, this book hardly gets two stars.

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