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CahiersI purchased two reusable notebooks last year which are supposed to be « the last notebook you'll ever have to purchase in your life ». The content is erasable and can be uploaded to a variety of applications which will store or distribute the information. We can reuse the notebook indefinitely.

The company which produces them is an american start up and the advertisement has attracted my attention. Unfortunately this product has its limitations.


When I first purchased a notebook, I tested it to validate if the content would disappear by microwaving it. In reality I burnt a few pages and the content wasn't totally erased. The application to copy the content is good, but a little difficult to use the first time.

Since the content is difficult to erase, it is not useful to mark the destination at the bottom of the page, like what the company's video suggests. This mark makes it more difficult to erase! To make matters worse, I discovered that the notebook cannot be used more than 5 times, despite what they say in the advertisement.

These notebooks only work with an erasable pen, preferably of the « Frixion » brand. This adds a cost to using the notebook, since some pens do not last as long as standard pens.


In order to find a solution, I purchased a second version of the notebook. This kind of notebook erases the content with a damp cloth. I did not try it yet, according to my wife which purchased the same model, it works properly.

The only downside to this notebook is that you have to wait a while for the ink to dry before going to the next page or before touching the writing. We can only erase once the ink has completely dried and not on the go, like what could be done in the previous model, which is a loss in functionality from my point of view. For the application, it works properly, just like with the previous model.

Despite the limitations of these notebooks, they are practical to put all your notes online and they are easy to use because they look like usual notebooks. The applications on tablets or on cell phones are not as practical to take hand written notes. Indeed, I have not found any online application which replaces one of these notebooks in an efficient way.

These notebooks are the best of both worlds : paper and applications. We don't need batteries nor Internet to take notes. There are other notebook models, but I'm not sure if they respond to the needs. These sorts of tests become expensive in the long run.

Here are the links on Amazon about the products:
First Notebook, Rocketbook Wave :
Second Notebook, Rocketbook Everlast :
The pencils Frixion,

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