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Currency ExchangeThis is a course about Bitcoin at Big Data University. It's a very informative course about the history and the functioning of Bitcoin. All courses at Big Data University are free, registration is required and you can have a certificate of completion after passing the final test. You can have three atempts to pass the test, but you can take the course as many times at you wish.

I like this course and the possiblities of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There are many possiblities to make business and learn about this subject. Some of the subjects of the course are :
- What is Bitcoin and how it works
- What are the problems that solves Bitcoin
- What are the political and economical implications of Bitcoin

The little problem with this course might be understanding the complexity of the subject: everything to know about the technology necesary to make Bitcoins work as well as the economical and the political problems involved in the use of Bitcoins.

Link to the course : Introduction to Bitcoin

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