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BigDataLast December, I finished my Master's degree in Information Technology Management at Laval University. I like to study and learn things, but last semester I was really tired and bored by all these courses at Laval University. Too many boring things to read, too many annoying teams to participate with, too many teachers that are not good and others than are really bad, even evil. I hate the fact that I had to follow some of the courses, and I didin't have any other choice, all the courses were a mandatory part of the curriculum. Anyway, my purpose with these reviews is to evaluate some of the courses that I took online. There are a lot of online courses but it's difficult to choose between them, and most of the time you'll learn that an instructor is boring or not fair when it's too late for you to change your mind.

So, I began to follow this course of Introduction to Big Data at Coursera. At the beginning, I was a little scared and worried because I didn't understand how this site works. But after exploring a little, it turned out to be not so bad. This site is very interesting, you can follow some courses as a free student, like in my case, or pay in order to have a certificate or specialization. However, these certifications are not recognized anywhere, so I don't see the utility for now to pay to take them. The only problem was the e-mails to remind me I was late to make the quizzes. In reality, you cannot take the quizzes if you don't pay the price of the certificate. So these e-mails are useless in my case. I found out how to turn them off so I could continue with the course.

This course is offert by the University of California, San Diego. In general, it's a good course, the teacher is dynamic and is easy to follow. The information is well structured and up to date. I learned a lot about Hadoop and Big Data in a very short time. The only problem that I have is the installation of a virtual machine with Hadoop.

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