Hadoop 101 Course

BigDataThis is an online course from the Cognitive Class Web site, this site is the new version of Big Data University's site. This site is promoted by IBM. Like others courses, I started over two o three times, before I've finished it. Sometimes, I do too many things at the same time and some times I do not complete them.

I've downloaded the first version of the course a few months ago, but it's only last week that I could finish listening to it. In reality it is a better version of the new one. Not because of the content, that is almost the same, but because of the teacher. It was very difficult to understand what the teacher saids because of her pronunciation, she also talked too fast. In the second version you can watch the videos online on Youtube or download the video in your computer one by one, you can't download the whole course in one file, like before.

The quizes and final exam have changed too. Now, it's a little more difficult to pass the course. In the initial version, the student could take the exams as many times as he wished, now there is only one try, you'll pass or you won't pass. For the true or false questions you have one try (logically), for the questions with multiple answers, you have two tries. The quizes have a weigth of 50% to the final note and the other 50%.comes from the final exam You need a total score of 70% to pass the course. And it's final, you cannot take the exam again.

In general, the course is an introduction to Hadoop and it's components. In the first version of the course, you had to install a virtual machine or connect online to execute the practical exercises, also known as labs. In the second (actual) version, you can work on the cloud, some software has to be installed on your computer as well.

After successful completion, you'll obtain a certificated from Cognitive Class and a badge from IBM. You can share this badge with others on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or in your blog.

Hadoop 101
Link : https://cognitiveclass.ai/courses/introduction-to-hadoop/

Badge :

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