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Rewarding EmployeesThis course is part of the learning path "Become a manager". In this course the instructor gives some guidelines on how to manage a team in order to obtain results. There a two types of managers: the managers by tasks and the managers by people. Nobody is better than the other, you have to manage your own weaknesses and exploit your strengths.

One aspects of the course was to have some kind of visual management tools to show to the team what is expected and when it should be delivered. Also who is responsible for every task and so on. This kind of visual management tools are not new: for example, some industrial engineers used them to show the status of the production lines.

The principal goal is to show transparency. If everybody knows what is expected from him or her, there won't be bad surprises at the end.

This is a good course, but it has too much information, it is recommended to take some notes if you want to stay awake.

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