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Gestion des équipesI'm always looking for courses or information about management, information technology and personnal developpement. There are Web sites that offert this kind of information, some of them are free and others aren't. I prefer to pay sometimes. However, some free sites have very valuable information. Last year I've subscribed to and I think it's a very good site, with very good instructors. I was following a course about team management and that made me think about the management of teams in the enterprises.

There are some people that must follow a course about team management because the way that they manage their team is not optimal. Team members don't feel appreciated, the job is always done in a hurry, nobody knows what they're supposed to do and people are tired and depressed at the end of the day. This is more common that we can imagine.

However, team management is not so difficult. Some important points that the instructor brought up during the course on were easy to apply:

  • Team motivation : Look for people than love their jobs and make the job easy for themselves.
  • People are important : Think that your co-workers like real people, not numbers.
  • Reward employees : Give a compensation for the good job, something cheap like just saying "Good job Mike" could be as useful as offering more money.
  • Forget the micromanagement : Don't always peak on your team members, give them space and trust them.

Before managing a team, you should know how to do it correctly, so at least take a video course. It will only take one hour and half!  You can also read a book about the subject. If your don't do it, you are at risk of looking like an incompetent professional, or even look like some kind of evil person.
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