The culture of 15 minutes

15-minutesSome businesses try to be very efficient. All the problems should be solved in 15 minutes or less, but instead of being efficient they've become incompetent.

Last year was a  living nightmare. I've had some health related problems and some other technical problems with my cellphone, but the conclusion is the same : people wanted to solve my problems in 15 minutes or less and have my money in return, but they weren't able to fix anything.

The doctors are very busy people, but honestly, they can't really take care of a patient in 15 minutes. I've had been to three appointments for a problem since January and every time, my doctor looks like she listens to me, writes something on the computer, makes some exams, and prescribes some drugs to me. But that didn't work. Every time I had to tell her the same story again and again, and the result was the same, I was as sick as a dog.

I felt that my health was not important, I'm only someone that gives her money to pay her bills or something like that.

In another order of ideas, my phone was broken. I tried to get it fixed at SOS Phone, a place where they were supposed to repair cellphones , the girl was nice at the beginning. She told me that they have to change the screen and that the price will be 115 dollars. I said that was fine, I waited 20 minutes and I left with a new screen and my phone, but the problem continued, the screen was frozen.

I returned the same week and they said that they had to reset the phone. So I decided to let them do it. Nothing changed. They said that they needed more time, that I should be returning in two days. So I call to know what happened with my phone. They said that there was nothing they could do, but they could sell me another used phone for 250 dollars.

That's cute, but when I arrived to the store, the girl ignored me completely, passed to another client and let me stand to wait for 30 minutes. She looks angry with me. Another girl asks me if I was waiting, I explained the problem and I asked for my phone and I left. I felt like crap, totally miserable, I lost my phone, my data and 115 dollars and I'm supposed to feel that it was all my fault.

My doctor sends me to the hospital after three months to insufferable torture, people were nice most of the time. But one of the doctors says to me : " There is nothing to do with your problem, you are like that, it's your normal state. I'm not going to do nothing for you ". In others words go suffer at home and die there, I don't care, don't waste my time, I have only 15 minutes to give you.

Maybe it was not my best year, who knows, but in 15 minutes these people are not going to solve my problems, they only are going to take my money and yours. Thanks for the good service.


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