How Search Engines work

SearchSearch Engines are used to find information on the Internet. Knowing how they work is useful for understanding why they are  so important for your business on the Internet.

The most popular of search engines today is Google. About 80% of the traffic on the Internet is done by this engine. The work of a search engine consists of basically three things:

  • Look for information based on keywords that a user gives to them.
  • Make an index of these keywords for future searches.
  • Allow users to use the index of keywords or a combination of  keywords.

In order to read the pages, search engines use robots that read all the information on the Web. These robots look for information in the page that could be relevant to the user's search.  A database is created with the user's keywords and the content of the page.  Google and other engines like Yahoo, Bing or Ask have very complicated algorithms to calculate the relevance of a given site.

The time spent by the user in a site after the search shows the engine that the search was a good one.  But others factors affect this conclusion.  In reality, for most people the relevance of a webpage is a mystery. Only Google and the other search engines know exactly how these algorithms work.

But the principal point that we have to know about is that the content of  our Website has to match with the keywords that the userswrite in the search engine.  These keywords have to be relevant to the purpose of the site because it is not useful to have visitors that are not interested in our products or services.

In order to have good visitors and future clients we have to know what keywords the visitors are using to find us in the Internet.


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