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DeliveryI am a blogger for good or bad, and I think it's my duty to talk about bad services in order to prevent other people from having the same problem.

Last week I bought a camera on, the sellers looks honest, but that's not the problem. The problem is his choice of delivery company. Intelcom Express is a company that is totally crazy and irresponsible.  I have tried to contact them by email, by their Web site, and by phone. Nobody answers the phone, and I didn't have any answer by email.IntelcomTracking

Even worse, I have made a search in Google and their bad reputation precede them. There are many complaints about their services, many parcels have been stolen and it's impossible to contact these people.

Intelcom Google Rating

I don't have much hope for my parcel. On Amazon's Web site, there is not much information. My only option is to buy another item and choose the pick up delivery service of Amazon. I don't know why I didn't do that from the beginning.

Tracking Amazon

I have had another incident with Amazon the other day. I bought a kit of pencils and they never arrived. The problem was the provider. A guy or girl that has a very bad reputation and stole people all the time.

Amazon doesn't respond for that kind of incident after some time, and even worse the company allows this to continue  by allowing that kind of individual  to sell on their site.  So, I've lost my money. Now I verify every vendor before I buy.

It's very confusing, I thought that I was buying from Amazon, and that was not the case. Fortunately, this transaction did not involve a lot of money.

But, I'm  beginning to lose confidence in their platform. Amazon doesn't respond for its partners: the sellers and now the delivery companies.

Making business is kind of complicated. You can do a thousand things well and only two bad things will destroy your credibility.

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