Web site creation – Hosting


In this step I'm choosing a Hosting service. This is important because we have to be sure that our visitors can see our site anytime  and also that we won't spend too much money in the process.

My server is Host Nine, it is a good hosting service and has a good offer plan, you can host one domain for only $3.95  per month or 35 dollars per year. My plan is $6.95 per month, but I can host an unlimited number of websites on my server. This is very convenient. It really depends on what your needs are, but the second plan is the best for most people.

No matter which server plan you choose, always ask for a Cpanel service because this is going to help you take advantage of a lot of useful features like installing a WordPress blog very fast, manage your databases, create mail adresses, create subdomains and more neat stuff.

After filling out the data and sending your payment you are going to receive an e-mail with your account information and your FPT information to connect to your server. This information is necessary to activate your domain, install your blog and transfer information to your server like MP3 files, images, videos, etc.

Once you have the hostnine code, access the Godaddy service, open your account, search for your domain name and find the server name [NAME SERVERS],  click on [Set Nameservers] and then choose [I have a specific name server for my domain], enter the two codes NS**.HOSTNINE.COM and NS**.HOSTNINE.COM (these codes are specific to your request).

After that you can install your website. In the next article I'm going to show how to install a WordPress blog.

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