How to organize your tasks with Trello

I like to organize my daily activities with a check list of things that I have to do or that I want to do for a specific project. I have used many tools to make check lists and some are better than others. Some time ago, I started using Trello to plan my Internet projects, school projects, and every day tasks in my job. The interface is very simple and you can even save time typing your lists of activities, because you can reuse either old check lists or complete projects to generate new ones.

Trello manages simple concepts like "Boards". A board is simply a project or a space to organize one project. In my case I have many boards: for my blogs, my work, study and home tasks. You can separate your "Boards" by "Organization", it's another category to classify your Boards. You can share and collaborate with other persons within a specific Board or an entire Organization. To be honest, I have tried to work with others but without success. Not everybody likes checklists and learn how to use the Interface.


To create a board, just click the symbol "Plus" (+) and choose New Board or New Organization. You can create an Organization later and move the Boards that you need there. You can delete a Board any time by going to "Menu" and clicking on "Close Board". You can rename your board any time, or invite friends to collaborate with you.


Your new board will have three To do lists by default : "To do", "Doing" and "Done". In any case you can create new ones or rename the list to whatever you want. To Add a list, click in "Add a list.." Easy!.

To add a task in a list, click "Add a card..." It's important to choose a short title. My mistake at the beginning was to create too many tasks. In reality one task can contain several check lists inside of a card and make your space cleaner and easier to understand and to control for you and for your collaborators.


You can do several things with a card. To begin, click in the card you created and you will find the following options:


  • "Edit Labels..." For every card you can create or use the labels available. This is an easy way to distinguish one card from another. You can choose a color and name the label. You can classify the tasks by person or by another category. I work alone, so, I don't use the labels so much.


  • "Assign..." You can invite or assign tasks to a particular member, if you collaborate with someone.


  • "Add checklist..." This is my favorite. You can add a checklist or many for a particular task. You can reuse your checklists inside of the Board.
  • "Due date..." You can fix a date for a particular task. That will send an email to the person responsible for the task. By default it will be you.
  • "Attach File..." You can add a file to the task, text files open directly in your browser, images too, others files will be packaged in zip files.
  • "Move.." You can move the task to another list, other board, the same list in different order.
  • "Subscribe" This is useful if somebody else is working in the task and you want to know how the work is doing.
  • "Archive" After a while, you can archive your old tasks.
  • "More..." At the end of the menu, you'll find this hyperlink. You can Copy, Print or Export in JSON. You also can delete your card.

Board Menu

There are others options in the Menu, but the more important are:

  • Copy Board: You could copy the entire board to make another one.
  • Close Board: Once you're finished, you can Close your Board so you won't have too many old boards everywhere. If you close a board by accident, don't worry, you can open it again.

I hope your enjoy using Trello. Certainly, it's a website that I like to use very much. I use the free version, but they have a premium version: Trello Gold. In any case, to organize your work, this is a simple and easy way to do it and it's free.

If you find this information useful, use this link Trello or click on the image bellow to open a free account. That is going to give me some extra points in Trello, but you can go simply to and open an account too.  Enjoy this tool!


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