Creation of a web site – Planning

Hi, my name is Javier Mauricio Salazar, I want to show you what are the steps that I use to create a Web site. This can take long sometimes, the conception of the site used for this example began January 14th 2012.

These are the steps:

  • Planning
  • Buying a domain name
  • Hosting Installation
  • WordPress installation
  • Content creation
  • Traffic building and
  • Monetization

The fist step is planification.

What I need to know in this step:

  • What should this site contain?
  • What is the objective of this site?
  • What do I intend to communicate to the world?
  • Why does this site exist?

In this case, I'm going to write about immigrants in Canada, so the objective of this site is to communicate to the world what is an immigrant's experience in Canada,  what are the differences between cultures,  what are the opportunities to find jobs, and what is the every day life of an immigrant.

How frequently am I going to post new material?  The most reasonable choice is once a week, because I have others blogs and other work to do. I started the site in Spanish, but eventually I'm going to publish also in English and French, so the time spent writing will evenatually become more important.

The main categories are:

  • Everyday life.
  • Places
  • History
  • Interviews
  • Ressources
  • And the usual stuff like contacts, about me info, and other useful links.

Now, the content is going to be presented in videos, audio and text documents. This is going to show variety for people of all kinds. Some people like to read, some other like to watch videos and others like to listen. The content can be found in my life  experience and the life experiences of others immigrants, also there is a lot of information on the Internet, in libraries, books, and so on.

This way, I can plan the setup of a Web site. In this case it's a blog, but a company web site is no so different. The only difference is to put emphasis on the products and  services of the company.  The everyday info of the company can be published in a section of a blog or a news tab. But the main objective is to communicate the information to someone, so it's necessary to know what information to post and who our public is.

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