University is almost over

Two years ago, I set an objective: to have a second master's degree in Information Technology Management. I'm almost finished, but it's more difficult than I expected. My first MBA was difficult, but I had all my time to study. Now I am working at the same time and things are harder than ever.

The university has changed: in only 4 years the teaching methods became very different. Thanks to the Internet, we have too much information to handle. On top of the course's main book, the teachers pile up everything than they can find on the Internet and then push that stuff in the course. So you get too much information, and sometimes nothing is relevant. Sometimes, I can barely go through the enormous quantity of material to read, just to discover that the teacher was talking about another, totally different subject. All this effort was worthless.

Some teachers are lazier than others. In the summer it's worse than during others periods, like autumn and winter. Some teachers only give the material with no explanation whatsoever, so we have to guess what the course is about or what is it important or more relevant. Last summer, the only interaction with the teacher was an 8 minutes long audio file about the material to read. And half of some of these audio files were only complaints about the forum participation. The teacher gave us nothing and she expected miracles.

I cannot work much on content in my blogs because of my master studies. I hope than I'm going to have time to work on it a little this summer and after my courses are over in autumn.  I'm going back to writing in winter, for good this time. In any case, the university drives me crazy. I don't know what I'm supposed to learn. There is no sense of direction. Too much information and no focus at all.

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