Time Management Fundamentals Course Review

Last sunday, I watched the course "Time Management Fundamentals" by Dave Crenshaw on lynda.com. In general, the course is a good start for organizing your schedule and learning to choose priorities in the workplace. The course is about 3 hours long, a little too much, I think. I don't like long courses. I don't have too much time, 1 hour and 30 minutes in average. Except for the university that takes all my available time, and even more.

What I liked:

  • The course teaches how to schedule your task. For a task longer than 15 minutes, they recommend to make an appointment in your calendar.
  • The course teaches how to prioritize your work. The principal question is: Do I really need to do this?  Is the task something that is going to help me with my career?
  • The reduction of gathering points. A gathering point is a place where you keep the information or objects that you have to process. That means, keep things in one place, do what you have to do with them, get rid of them or schedule when you are going to take care of that situation.
  • Learn to say no to yourself. Don't take everything in charge, take time for yourself and your family. Doing less is doing more. Bring less stress in your life. Delegate or disengage from too many compromises.

What I didn't like:

  • The course is a little too long in my opinion.
  • The course tries to teach how to have your desk organized. It's a little too much detail in my opinion.
  • It is difficult, if not impossible to follow all the recommendations.
  • The course is oriented for a very busy executive with a lot of appointments in the day and with the power to choose what to do and what not to do. That is not my situation right now.

After trying to follow the recommendations, the truth is that I can't follow them. It's too difficult to use the calendar and the tasks like the instructor does. Trying to plan every minute of the day is not my way to do things, and planning exactly what will be done next week is very difficult. But the advice on "doing less is doing more" is definitely very good for me to manage my stress levels.

You can find the course by following this link : Time Management Fundamentals

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