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Everybody knows that backups are necessary but almost everybody forgets to do them, until it is too late and the problems begin. WordPress is no exception. It's very easy to install a blog in wordpress but if  problems happen fixing them is not that easy, or it may even be impossible to recover if you don't have a backup available.

WordPress is a content managment system, meaning that you have files in one place and a database in another. So if you have problems in your security you could lost the files and with that you can also loose your site, or you migth have problems with your database, meaning that you are going to loose your content: all your posts, pages and images are going to disappear.

There are many plugins that could help you to save a copy of your files. Actually I use a plugin that makes a copy of my entire web sites, so I don't need to worry about installing the database and the content manually. Note that some host servers don't allow to reinstall your wordpress site manually, you have to call the technical services for help.

If you want an easy way to protect your information you can search the WordPress Complete Backup in the plugin extensions of wordpress.org, or you can go to the dashboard of your wordpress site, click on plugins, add new, and type WordPress Complete Backup. You have to register one licence for each site, but don't worry: it is free. This plugin makes a backup from your entire site into your server.  After that you can download the file to your computer for extra security and you can restore your site at any time from the server or from your computer.

You have to pay attention, you cannot make unlimited backup copies on your server, otherwise you are going to have  space and storage problems. You can erase the old backups from time to time. And remember to do your backups at least once a week, sometimes if you have static blogs once a month should be enough.


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