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I have been working with WordPress since 2009. All this time I have been working with free themes for WordPress. The free themes allow to make a lot of changes, but most of the time I had to change too many things. And making changes is not easy. The theme looks  good  on the screen but when I use it in my site, things don't work correctly.
Besides, when I want to make changes in the menus, then problems arise and most of the time I have to change the WordPress theme. About three months ago, I bought a theme package from Elegant Themes. To be honest, these themes are very nice and easy to manipulate. I can easily manipulate the menus, add a favicon, change the background, fonts and colors, modify publicity from Google adsense, and also from my products. I could fix add SEO information, I don't use this feature because I use another plugin for that.
I have 79 WordPress themes to choose from for all my needs, and the price is very reasonable,  39 dollars only. In any case, I am very happy with the decision to buy theses WordPress themes. I am a programmer, not a designer, so having everything in place without too much additional work is just fantastic.
Four months ago, I have used another pay WordPress theme service. The problem with these themes was that I had to learn almost everything from zero because their way of using WordPress was very weird. In order to set the layout I had to post the content in a certain way, the pictures in a specific category, the menus had some special way to be setup... I even had to make video tutorials for my client to show him how to add more content in his site.

You can visit the site here BudoQuebec or click in the image bellow.

The result was good, but in any case, I didn't appreciate having to learn "How to use WordPress" again.
For my future clients and my blogs, I am going to use Elegant Themes. It's easier and faster to configure. The only problem is that it's not perfect, the themes have some problems when showing the images in the index page, and some characters are not shown well in French or Spanish.  But in general the results are very good and it's fast to change from the free theme to the Elegant theme.

Because I have too many sites I am doing the changes site by site. This very blog is from a different theme, it's called Flexibility. I like it too, so I am going to keep it for some time. These are the blogs that I have already changed to Elegant Themes, I like the results.

Techniques pour l'estime de soi.

Técnicas para la Autoestima


Reino de Inmigrantes


Recetas de chocolate


Recettes au chocolat


Recettes à l'orange


So choose the right theme and happy browsing!

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