Viral Pay Bot: it’s a real Scam

I usually don't say anything about the products that I have bought, but sometimes they are very disappointing. I am beginning to be tired of it. I had made too many bad purchases because the price was cheap or the occasion seemed interesting. In this case the idea was good but the product is just not good enough. It is true that most products cannot be perfect, but guys, at least do some quality checks before launching your stuff to the market.

Viral Pay Bot promises that you can lock a part of the content from a post or page from your public with the idea that your public buys or shares the locked page in order to have access to it. Small payments and good money. The idea is not a bad one. I implemented it before with others plugins and I liked the simplified process. But there are technical problems right now with that plugin.

If you want to lock an audio file and its related audio player from your public you can't do it. So you have to use another mechanism to lock the content or redirect the page to another one. The problem is that means more work. Making a page that is not going to be protected also means everybody can have access. In order to use a simple plugin you have to work harder.

Even worse, I tried the plugin at the office and the result was shocking. You actually can access all the protected content, without paying!  That's because if a proxy is installed in your computer the content is not protected in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers. So the effectiveness of the plugin is useless.

I tried to communicate with these guys but instead of giving me back my money they tried to have access to my blog to fix the problem. You are kidding me! If you can't make it work from the beginning, just return the money or fix the plugin, but do not scrap my blog. I am not going to take the risk with these guys, they can keep the money but they have lost a client for life.

Be careful about buying from JVZOO, they don't have any client support, that is supposed to be done by the seller. In this case, if you don't like a product you lose your money. I prefer Clickbank in this case: if you don't like the product your can have your money back, no questions asked.

Paypal has a resolution center, but it relies on the seller returning the money too, and it can take 45 days before something occurs.  Oh well, nothing is perfect.

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