The power of politics within a company

I am not a psychologist but a technician.

Power and politics are forces that everybody knows exist, but almost nobody wants to be involved. I heard somebody say "I am not a psychologist, but a technician" in others words that is none of my business. In the world of information technology people think that the principal problem is the system, in reality the system is the last important thing in that business. People are always the problem, and yes, we have to be psychologists to deal with some individuals that have the power to ruin your projects.

"Oliver twist" by Joseph L. Parrish (1905 – 1989) in the Chicago Tribune - Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

There are many political intrigues that nobody wants to admit, but they are there and prevent the projects' progress. There is a lot of jealousy and envy out there. People want to feel important, and they'll do anything in order to let you know that they are important and you are their servant, or something like that.

Politics is not bad, but sometimes you are in the middle of a battle that you don't understand. What can we do? Difficult question, in my case I don't have any power at all. I'm just a piece of the machinery. The only thing that I do is my job and I let things happen. I have to protect my reputation and I try not to loose my mind. I can work in other projects that are not related to my job where I have more freedom and control.

Sometimes waiting is better than acting. If you don't have any power, it's better to wait and look for a better occasion in a better environment with other people. Sometimes negotiation is not possible, you don't have the arguments to negotiate and people don't want to listen. People are not logical, they are emotional and many times you don't know their political agenda.

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