Social networks and the organizations

In one of my courses at Laval University, the teacher asks the following question: "Should organizations  use an online social network?" That is a good question. I work for the government of Quebec, indirectly, because I am a consultant, but I have the same limitations of the regular employees, and this situation is very complicated.

In my last assignment, almost every search Web site was forbidden : Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, your name it. In my current assigment, we have access to Google Plus and LinkedIn. I don't know for how long, that could change any minute.

Some enterprises limit the access to social networks just because there are scared that something bad could happend and their reputation could be at risk because of the indiscretions of some employee, therefore they block all kinds of access and they think that everything is under control. The reality is different.

Organizations should have policies to communicate in social media, guidelines to teach employees how to communicate and what to publish in the network. There are many opportunities that the companies are loosing because they are hidden from the world. In my case, there are many tutorials that I need to watch to do some programming jobs, but I have had to search that information outside the office or at home, and in the meantime, the work had to wait.

One thing is for sure, if a company does nothing to have at least someone represent its interest in the social networks, somebody else could begin an attack on the company and by the time that the organization could react to it, it could be to late. Communicating with the employees, the clients, others parthners and knowing what's happening within the market is important. All that is possible with the social networks. The solution is to explore and take responsability, not to hide like an ostrich.

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