New social media for my blog Reino de Inmigrantes

Reino de Inmigrantes Page in Google Plus

I am working on a new social media for one of my blogs: "Reino de Inmigrantes". I'm trying to separate the content from my Youtube channel and Twitter accounts. Every site should has a different Youtube channel because there are different themes for different publics and in different languages. At the beginning, I didn't give too much importance to Youtube and Twitter, but I think people want to see only one subject by site. I have different blogs, but in the case of Twitter and Youtube I didn't separate the content. Now I am going to do it.

This implies I have work to do, but it's going to be easier to navigate for my visitors and it could lead to better focus in every aspect of the site. Even the current blog could be the next one to change. It's very difficult to translate the content in different languages. I am going to publish only in English for now. The idea of having a multilingual site was good at the beginning, but the benefits are not so great and it requires too much work.

Another change that's coming is to optimize Google Adsense and eliminate Amazon affiliate links from some of my sites. Amazon is not so great. I am an Amazon client, I have saved money with the shopping, but the affiliate thing doesn't work very well.

Managing different accounts could be a nightmare, but there are services than allow the management of different social media accounts. For Twitter, Hootsuite can manage different accounts easily. And its even free with a minimum of 3 accounts. Google now gives the opportunity to create a Google Plus account for a Page and it comes with a Youtube channel. Besides, it's possible to manage this account without logging out and logging in from one account to another. It's easier. In Facebook you can create a facebook Page or a group and manage all your pages from the same account. You have to switch between one and the other. In my case, facebook is slow on the computer, but it's feasible. In any case, I'm exploring other alternatives than facebook. For some content it's not relevant and there is too much publicity, people are running away from there.

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