Have a Web site or have an e-business strategy

It's interesting to see how some companies perceive how to make business on the Internet.  Most people think that you just create a web site and that you will magicaly start having a lot of clients. This belief is also widespread for social networks profiles.

But reality is different:. Having a web site or filling out a profile on a network like LinkedIn won't give you more clients than sticking out a banner in your appartment's window. It will have the same impact than opening a restaurant in the middle of the forest and waiting for clients to come.

After the company has made a web site, it's time to seach for trafic and attract it to this web site. It's mandatory to search for clients and  to know where these clients are on the Internet, what their habits or their problems are, in others words to do a market research. It's necessary to create a relationship with these people and to think about them as people, not as numbers.

Usually, entrepreneurs don't like to change their habits. They think that their market is too small or that it's too expensive to start something on the Internet. When they decide to do something, they hire a designer to build their website.  The problem is that often the designer doesn't know what the owner wants to do with their site, and the result is that the design costs become too high.  So the entrepreneur becomes impressed with the amount of money spent on the Internet and decides not to do anything else after seeing his website online. He or she then leaves the site to die because "nobody has the time to take care of it" or because "the site does'nt need actualizations".

To have a web site and to have an Internet strategy are two totally different things . The website is going to show the information to the public, but the information that is transmitted has to be related with the strategy in order to present the products and services of the company, offer an excellent customer service (not like those that only ask to fill out a form or call to a machine where nobody answers back) and also offer the right information to the partners of the company.

In a social network, the rules are the same, the difference is that the company can contact their clients and partners directly  to build a very strong relationship.  Every network is different and has its own set of rules.  Also, not all networks are relevant to your line of business.

We are in the information age, so it's not the time to hide information!  Now is the time to solve problems and to find what our clients need: to show them how we can help them.


Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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