Facebook Pages

Facebook is a good way to promote your information on the Internet. Facebook has around 500 millions people that visit the network every day, chatting and sharing information. It's important to notice that not every business can benefit from this network and, more importantly, the objective of a Facebook page is not to sell: however many people try to sell their products and services that way and some of them have some luck.

The purpose for having a Facebook Page is to make contact with the possible clients in a different way in order to obtain sales later in the future.

Having a basic Facebook page is easy and fast, but managing the page can be a little hard if you don't know what kind of information the company should share on this network. Your public should be studied carefully before trying to publish an announcement on your Facebook page.

More importantly, you have to have an objective before creating a facebook page. Is it traffic that you are looking for? It is prestige? It is sales? Is it to make relations with your customers?

After you define what you want to do with your pages you can easy find what kind of information to give to your fans. In facebook the people that follow you are called fans.  One thing to note is that you may think some information is important for your fans, but the answer from the public to your ad is going to determine if that info is important or not. The more the information is interesting to your public, the more likes you are going to have and the more visibility you will gain with your public.

Facebook is changing all the time and it's difficult to follow sometimes, they change their interface, they change the rules, they change everything, so if you decide to do something on this network make sure that you are going to spend some time and some money in the process.

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