Do you need Internet Marketing?

Sometimes I feel everything I know about Internet Marketing contains notions that nobody knows about, that people are left in the dark about the possibilities of designing a good marketing strategy.  Because people don't know what they are using as tools nor what is behind the tools that they use all the time.

They visit Google to search for some information, but they don't know that there are companies behind that support this site, and that the site itself sells publicity for the companies to help people solve their problems. The Internet helps people to communicate with others and the companies need these people to sell their products and maintain their business.  The baseline is these companies need the Internet to conduct their business, unless the company wants to remain small and is not in search of new clients.

But I also believe that it's not really necessary to force anybody to adopt any specific kind of marketing strategy. If somebody doesn't think that the Internet can bring something useful to its company, it is useless to try selling them the idea. Some people don't change until it is too late sometimes. That can become the difference between somebody that grows and somebody that disappears from the market.

Statistics show that most startup companies do not survive the first year, and those that are still around after 5 years are even fewer.  Other studies show that a weak or bad business plan is often to blame, but I think another reason is that the owners of these enterprises didn't want to listen to anybody around them, not even to their clients, and they didn't use the appropriate marketing strategy (offline or online).

Instead of asking yourself  if you need Internet Marketing, the question is:  how can I communicate efficiently with my clients?  And how can I let my clients know that I have the best solution for their problems?. Internet Marketing can help do these things, and in very efficient ways too!  Sure, it's not the only way, and maybe you are not ready to try it out.  But you at least have to answer these questions somehow because either it could be too late for your business to succeed in a changing environment, or your competition could answer these questions before you do.

Another thing is that you don't need much money to implement a marketing strategy on the Internet, you only need some time and the intention to communicate with your clients.  Indeed, most of the tools are free to use or are available at very little cost.


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