Delivery problems

Delivery problems

I am a blogger for good or bad, and I think it's my duty to talk about bad services in order to prevent other people from having the same problem. Last week I bought a camera on, the sellers looks honest, but that's not the problem. The problem is his choice...

I am not a psychologist but a technician.

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Viral Pay Bot: it’s a real Scam

I usually don't say anything about the products that I have bought, but sometimes they are very disappointing. I am beginning to be tired of it. I had made too many bad purchases because the price was cheap or the occasion seemed interesting. In this case the idea was...

WordPress Themes – Elegant Themes

I have been working with WordPress since 2009. All this time I have been working with free themes for WordPress. The free themes allow to make a lot of changes, but most of the time I had to change too many things. And making changes is not easy. The theme looks  good...